2021 4H/FFA Livestock Auction

Saturday, September 25, 2021

The 2021 4H/FFA Livestock Auction took place Saturday morning at the Stoddard County Fairgrounds. On hand were auctioneers Kenny Carney and Dale Moreland to conduct the auction. Goats, sheep, steer and swine were auctioned. Sheep started at a base price of $2.50 a pound, steer $1 a pound, goats $3 a pound and swine $0.60 a pound. Representatives with Stoddard County Feed and Seed felt the top four swine (the 2 grand champions and 2 reserve champions) sold a low price.Because of this they gave an additional $100 to each of the four students that presented those animals. Captions will indicate the animal, name of the student,clud represented, placing and/or division, weight of the animal and how much the animal sold for per pound.