COVId-19 confirmed in Stoddard County Jail; sheriff's department still on duty ready to serve county

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

On Tuesday Stoddard County Sheriff Carl Hefner confirmed in a news release there are active COVID-19 cases in the Stoddard County Jail.

“Since the COVID outbreak began we at the Stoddard County Jail have taken precautions in preventing COVID from being in our jail,” said Hefner. “Even with the precautions taken it was inevitable that COVID would get in our jail facility. We have been very fortunate to this point to not have had any cases in our jail.”

Hefner said in the release that the sheriff's department is currently working diligently to isolate people as best as they can.

“At this time no inmates have had the need to seek medical attention,” said Hefner. “But if the need arises, we are committed to keeping the inmates safe as well as the general public.”

Hefner stated that he does not want anyone to hesitate to call if they need the aide of law enforcement.

“We are currently working on a testing plan for inmates and staff. Please do not hesitate to contact the Stoddard County Sheriff’s Office if you are in need of law enforcement. We will continue to offer our services regardless of the situation in the jail,” stated Hefner. “We will strive to keep our community safe from a law enforcement standpoint as well as keeping our citizens safe from COVID. Any of our staff that are showing any signs or symptoms of COVID are required to obtain a COVID test before returning to work so the citizens can feel safe.”

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