3rd Annual Ben Kruse Charity Crappie Tournament

Monday, October 21, 2013

3rd Annual Ben Kruse Charity Crappie Tourament held on Wappapello Lake on Saturday September 7th. Largest turnout so far with 71 teams registering. Raised over $13,000 for the 18 Fore Life Charity. Had a great crowd with lots of food and drink, raffles, games, silent auction items and presentation. Results: (Paid 14 places along with Big Fish and 2nd Big Fish) 1-David Tropf and Edwin Younger Total Weight in 7 fish: 8.12 (Picture 303) (Took home first place in our first year also in 2011). 2-Damon Thompson and Jackie Thompson TW: 7.36 (Pic 295) 3-Brett Roper and Allen Below TW:7.33 (Pic 291) 4-Anthony Sifford and Scott Sifford TW: 7.30 (Pic 283) 5- Allen Chappell and Jason Sandage TW:7.02 (Pic 278) 6- Joe Guiling and Brett Carrier TW: 6.80 7- Daniel Porter and Matt Williams TW: 6.62 8- Dan Hudgen and Don Seymore TW: 6.59 9-Billy Fowler and Chris Channell TW: 6.37 10- Michael Smart and Travis Causey TW: 6.35 11- Eric Parris and Brian Huffman TW: 6.26 12- James Chism and Don Lynn TW: 6.26 13- Tony Jacques and Darren Baker TW: 6.15 14- David Wheetley and Terry Joseph TW: 6.22 Big Fish- Dan Hudgens and Don Seymore with a big fish of 1.42 Had a tie with: Robert Stephens and Martin Poetz at 1.42 but the overall weight then comes into play for a tie breaker so Stephens and Poetz took home 2nd big Fish Also given away were numerous door prizes and goody bags to all the teams which included tshirts, hats, can coolies, tackle and more. Special thanks to all the teams participating, sponsors and volunteers to help make this tournament so successful. Very proud to say that this tournament was the largest crappie tournament to date ever held on Wappapello Lake. Looking forward to an even bigger and better year next year. It will be Saturday September 6, 2014.