FREE Access - City of Dexter taking steps to protect against COVID 19

Thursday, March 19, 2020

The City of Dexter is making safeguards to protect against the spread of COVID 19.

City Administrator Mark Stidham said city hall is still open to the public. However signs have been posted instructing anyone who is running fever or has been sick recently not to enter. Instead those residents are being asked to place their payments in the drop box or pay on-line.

The city has also stated via a Facebook statement that the Sheltered Workshop has temporarily closed. With the closure of the workshop the city has temporarily removed the recycling bins. The city is encouraging everyone to continue to recycle and hold the recycling until the program can resume.

The Dexter Fire and Police Departments have been closed to the public with only authorized personnel allowed. The Dexter Water/Sewer and Street/Sanitation Departments are also closed to the public.

Additionally, the city also stated via Facebook, there will be no court proceeding at the Dexter Municipal Court until April 6. Payments are being accepted with limited access.

The Dexter Parks and Recreation Department has closed its spring/summer sports programs and are issuing refunds. Stidham stated that an abbreviated spring/summer sports season could still take place but will depend on the COVID 19 situation.

The city is currently monitoring the COVID-19 situation and will continue to update residents as needed.

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